We all love the light sweet fragrance of baby powders, don’t we? Its soft texture tempts us to use it anyway. Well, baby powders are not just for babies, you can use them too. Check out these new uses of baby powder and save on a lot of money:

It works as a powdered deodorant. The next time you run out of your deo, just grab a bottle of baby powder and sprinkle on. It controls both sweat and odour.

uses of baby powder

Do you hate splurging on dry shampoos? This is your life saver. Keep a small bottle of some baby powder in your bag and instantly refreshen your hair on the go.

uses of baby powder

So, ladies.. the baking technique has been in trend and we know how expensive these translucent powders are. We have you sorted, baby powders work as a dupe to these costly loose/translucent powders.

uses of baby powder

Well, we love our pets just as our babies and treat them the same. Baby powders can also be used on pets to keep them fresh and moisture free.

Both men and women can use it as aftershaves too since baby powders contain cooling properties.

Being a DU student, life was tough in hostels during summers because there were neither coolers nor ACs. I did not know that baby powders could be sprinkled between the sheets to cool them down and provide a better sleep. Useful, isn’t it?

In India, ants are a common problem in every household. But did you know that baby powders can be used to keep the ants away. Sprinkle this sweet miraculous product near window panes, cracks and crevices in walls or doors and live tension free.


A long day at work means smelly shoes. Use baby powder on it and live odour free.


Have grease stains?? Take a cotton ball with baby powder on it and rub onto the grease. It would eventually fade out.

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