Winters are coming and it’s time to say goodbye to sweaty days. This cold season requires a  special skincare routine since the skin gets dry and flaky. What about lips? They need attention too. Here I present to you 6 lip hacks that would sort you out on a budget:

  • Do you have an old mascara wand/toothbrush/cotton cloth? Use them to exfoliate your lips. Just put on a generous amount of lip balm before exfoliating.

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  • You can make your lips rock that nude look without even using a lipstick. Add a cream concealer to your lips and put on a translucent lip balm or a clear lip gloss and you would get a perfect nude shade for your skin.

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  • Cold mornings and tea go hand in hand. Wouldn’t that be great if I tell you that tea bags can cure dry lips. Yes, you heard it right. Place a tea bag on your lips for sometime and it would soothe the chapped skin.

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  • Use tinted lip balms instead of matte colours. Always choose a warm colour for winters. Even if you choose to go matte, opt for a hydrating matte instead of a dry one.

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  • If you have to attend a party the next day and have chapped lips, put on some glycerin at night and you would wake up to miraculously healed lips the other day.

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  • There are times when we experience bleeding on our lips and it gets too painful to even talk & smile. Just rub your lips with a warm rag and then hold a cold compress to control the bleeding. Finish off with coconut oil.

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I hope these suggestions make your life easier. Do let me know if they worked for you.

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