Dear Diary,

There is some guilt inside, a dark side which can’t be shared because I can’t rely on anyone. I preferred to share with the most trust worthy person. My mirror nodded saying that you are right, unlike others I won’t let you down. Biggest Irony of life is that we end up loving people who never deserved to be loved. No longer I believe in the word ‘love’ this is nothing but a myth. This is the word which only exists in the dictionary of fictional world. At times, all I want to do is lock myself up and cry out loud. My heart aches to grieve and share the pain which is bottled up inside me.

Girl's Diary

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It’s been more than one year since we parted ways 🙁

I thought of not loving anyone but then I met you. You made me realize that love can happen twice <3 Our endless, senseless talks still make my lip curve bigger 😉 Each day I fall even more than yesterday. There is something about you, can’t get off my mind. I don’t know why there is a fear of losing you. I have even started praying God for your success, happiness and us. There has always been an urge to see you. When I miss you, I smile, and when I smile, I miss you. And whenever I want to talk to you, you know what I do?? I look into our pictures, talk to the virtual you, re-read our old conversations.

To be continued..



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