About Snapstter

Every picture tells a story, cherishes a memory and provokes the imagination to a whole set of interpretations. Don’t you guys agree?

Well, Snapstter is all about the above concept [ Snaps+ Utter= Snapstter]. Photography and blogs are the new trend, let’s make it even better. At Snapstter, you can share your vivid imagination, bring out the photographer in you, and also showcase that hidden writer.

Snapstter is perfect for you if:

  • You are an amateur photographer and are looking for some encouragement & publicity.
  • You are a budding writer & want to publish your work on a public platform to prove your mettle.
  • You are too lazy a person to own the hassles of designing, maintaining & updating your own blog & are looking for a platform where you can directly post your content.
  • You are a blogger but want to reach out to more audience and create a buzz about yourself.

Why Join Us?

  • Many brands follow us, so your work gets noticed, and could lead you to some great opportunities.
  • We can refer you for some internships, projects or part time work if a brand approaches us for the same.
  • We are friendly and young, just like you, so you can be at ease and share your heart out.
  • We run paid promotions for posts that we consider worthy so your audience reach maximizes.

Note: Kindly visit our contribution page to read the guidelines & rules related to content contribution.