“Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times.”

Children are forever inquisitive and curious to learn new things and I must say that they are more sensitive to worldly issues than adults. The sudden urge to rectify a problem, when a child encounters one, sets them apart from us. Be it business, handling finances, meeting celebrities, attending press conferences, or inspiring people, this generation can do it all. Here is a list of some of the very young, child entrepreneurs who have made it big:

Anshul Samar: This kid was in fourth grade when he realized his interest in card games and and wanted to develop his own. 2 years later, he came out with Elementeo, which is a card based game aimed to make chemsitry a fun process. The game has elements, compounds and alchemy cards which have their own personalities and can be combined and oxidised.
Find out more: http://www.elementeo.com/

child entrepreneurs
Neha Gupta: At the tender age of 9, she started selling handmade wine charms for the betterment of orphans. She wanted to raise funds for sponsoring the education and other expenses of helpless orphans. She ended up creating a NGO named Empower Orphans and has raised approximately $1,690,000 up till now.
Find out more: http://www.empowerorphans.org/

Alina Morse: She invented Zollipops, which are fruit flavoured lollipops sweetened without using any sugar, at the age of seven. She claims that are line of lollipops are safe for teeth and health. Alina has also been invited to the White House twice to present her candy by Michelle Obama. Zollipops are available on Amazon, Whole Foods and SuperValue. Recently, Alina has added a new product, Zolli Drops sugar free peppermint, to her kitty.
Find out more: http://zollipops.com/

Robert Nay: In the year 2010, Robert Nay, a 14-year old, launched his own mobile game app called the “Bubble Ball” on the Apple App store. This game became a hit in the first two weeks beating the record of “Angry birds” with more than 1 million downloads. Robert did not have any prior coding experience and learnt through research in the public library. His entrepreneurial venture, Nay Games, launched 24 new levels of the game in August, 2013.
Find out more: http://www.naygames.com/

Jeremiah Jones: He founded a non-profit organization called “JYoungin Education” that encourages youngsters to hone their skills in academics, sports, business and character. This teenager is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, business owner, and also a Youth Commissioner for the City of Long Beach, CA.
Find out more: http://www.jyoungin.org/about


Isabella Rose Taylor: Isabella had an ardent love towards art and started designing at the age of 8. By the age of 12, she made a big accomplishment by seeling her collection at Nordstorm. She is the youngest designer ever to retail her own fashion collection. She presented her Fall collection in the New York Fashion Week in 2014 and has also been featured in prestigious magazines such as Forbes, Elle, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, WWD and Entrepreneur. She has also appeared on national tv shows.
Find out more: http://www.isabellarosetaylor.com/


More power to you kids (y)

If you know any of such budding kidpreneurs, do let me know in the comment section. I would be happy to pen down their stories.

Keep Smiling 🙂



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