A Lifelong Romance!

A deep breath, the head bending backwards, as you move your finger down the neck. My whole world rests in the diameter of your arms. The shivers subliming in your warmth. The blushes melting in your caresses. The smile spreading wide with your lips on my forehead. The storytellings in...

The Other Woman!

Other Woman
Life does not seem so precious, Flowers don't appear pleasant, Jokes begin with a fading smile, When she becomes the other woman in his life. The paths tend to get longer, Walks have to be made shorter, Love starts getting more perkier, When she becomes the other woman in his life. Energies...

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By your side

The hollow silence of the room. The contrasting music vibes in each of the pairs. The heavy eyelids defying sleep, watching the presence but missing contact. Heads half turned, in the dilemma of the remaining movement. Some thorns piercing through as bad memories stopping the gulf to bridge...

Being Platonic

She hesitated a friendly handshake, She barred a hug, She restricted communication, She turned the eyes away, She shut down the impulses, She heard taunts for broken friendships, She yet smiled to them, She changed her motto, She adjusted her requirements, She showcased ecstasy about them, She builds aggression to keep her sanctity, She controls...

6 words are enough!

The concept of Six words story was started by Ernest Hemingway. His challenge was to put forth a powerful story by just using six words. Have a look at some of these heart warming 6 words stories :

The Trapped Soul

Trapped Soul
The thick clouds outside the window, And sunlight peeping through them, The peaceful solitude of soaring birds, Intervened by the flying planes. The chaos present this side of the window, The attractive calmness outside. The tall buildings reach to the sky, The vision inside trapped into the laptop screens. The cool breeze...

Geographies of My Heart

love poem
I was a silent wave, but u came like a tornado. The sour water of sea was suddenly culling with fresh spring water. It seems that i had been waiting for u since the beginning, just the tornado was initially silent.. It was developing deep down, setting...