How many of you feel that you are your best judge and know your needs thoroughly? Many of you, right?? Well, this post is all about Freshistry, a website where you can make your own skincare products as per your choice, need, preference, etc. As the name suggests, this concept is kind of rare in India specially in the drugstore skincare sector. Freshistry allows you to brew and customize your skincare regime with its products. The unique concept introduced by Freshistry is all about embracing and respecting one’s individuality, being your own brand and providing the purest form of ingredients for the products that you brew. It also helps the buyer know about what all has gone into the making of a product and reduces the risk of purchasing wrong products for oneself since you brew it on your own.

You can checkout the website here.


What all can you brew?

  • Face Cleanser
  • Hair Cleanser
  • Lotion
  • Cream

How to brew them?

  • You need to first choose your skin or scalp type from the option available. Remember, your skin type changes according to the weather conditions and the environment that you live in. So, invest a little time analyzing how your skin behaves in the present conditions.
  • Choose your favourite herbs from the list (any 2). A brief description about the benefits of each herb is mentioned to help you make the right choice.
  • Now, brand the product with your colour, fragrance and name, whatever you prefer.
  • Pay for the product and it’s done, your freshly brewed product would be delivered at your doorstep soon.

What did I brew for myself?

I opted for a face cleanser to start with. My skin type is oily, acne-prone and sensitive as well. I chose the gel consistency since it works best on oily skin. The herbs that I chose were lavender and lemongrass since I wanted to calm and soothe my skin. I chose a minty fragrance since its summer time and gave a purple hint to my product with the label ‘My Magic Potion’. See, it’s so easy to make your own product in less than 5 minutes.


Not to forget, the packaging of the product is black and golden, just like a gift wrap, which looks royal and luxurious. The brand label and logo is printed on it. You should checkout the website to explore more and find exciting offers and discounts. Also, this makes a great gift for your friends and family because everything can be customized.


I would definitely try out the other brewing options soon. I recommend you to give this a try, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Do let me know in the comment section below how was your experience with Freshistry.


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    • Hi Kaya, this composition is not for acne. It would just help to soothe your refresh your skin. If you are looking for an anti acne product, then try adding tea tree as your herb. Hope this helps you!

  1. I made a purchase during the Mother’s Day sale and I must admit that my Mum is very happy to use her own branded products. Kudos to Freshistry for introducing this concept.

  2. Do they have any anti wrinkle products?? Couldn’t find any. It would be great if you can help out 🙂


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