Hey guys, welcome to the month of love <3

So, the “week of love” is just about to start and most of us are busy preparing for it, be it choosing the attire, date ideas, a place, gifts, etc. But, don’t forget to love yourself in all this chaos. We all aspire to have a clear and naturally glowing skin but due to the stressful and hectic schedules, and off-course erratic food habits, we fail to achieve it. Don’t worry, you can still change it, read on to know how.

I came across this brand, Aroma Essentials, which is an organic, vegan, all natural brand; You must have heard how beneficial is aromatherapy for our health. Well, the owner of Aroma Essentials, Ms. Madhurima, is an expert at it. She began with treating her own skin with her handmade formulations and went on to gift these to some of her friends. Her products turned out to be extremely helpful to people, and she ended up with Aroma Essentials as a brand. Not to forget, she has an experience of 14 years in this field, therefore, all her chosen ingredients and formulations are well researched and tested.

Coming straight onto my experience about the products, I received:

  • Aroma Essentials Black Magic Gel Mask (20gms for Rs. 175)
  • Aroma Essentials Sebum Control Gel (20gms for Rs. 175)
  • Aroma Essentials Chocolate Body Scrub (50gms for Rs. 250)

I’ll talk about each one separately:

Aroma Essentials Sebum Control Gel:

This small of tub of gel is a miraculous product for Oily skin. It contains BHA, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera which is effective in treating acne. You need to apply it on cleansed skin before going to bed and leave it overnight. I’ve been using this for almost 12 days now, and I have noticed a considerable change in my acne and oiliness. Existing acne is subsiding and any new inflammation on the skin gets settled within the night. But, you need to be regular about it to see a noticeable difference on your skin. Also, remember to use only 2-3 drops of the product, less is more. Since, this is an aromatic formulation, it has an effective pleasant aroma.

Verdict: Highly recommended for Oil & Acne-prone skin

Aroma Essentials Chocolate Body Scrub:

Firstly, you have to control the urge to eat it, it’s that tempting. The scrub is in the form of small balls of chocolate, which you need to crush a bit to make a paste. This contains Chocolate Cocoa Powder, Almond Powder, Oats, and Edible Chocolate Essence (looks more of a cake’s ingredients 😉 )

We have heard about the benefits of chocolate consumption and this scrub is no different. Extremely gentle on skin, imagine applying milk vanilla & chocolate to your skin, sounds heavenly right? It is rich in antioxidants and you won’t feel the need to moisturize your skin after this. This a chocolate therapy that doesn’t add calories 😉

Verdict: Highly recommended for all skin types

Aroma Essentials Black Magic Gel Mask:

A jet black gel based mask targeted at oily/combination & acne-prone skin. It does have a strong fragrance though. It is made up of Pomegranate, Tea Tree, Activated Charcoal, and Thyme. Now, you might experience a tingling sensation initially due to the ingredient Thyme, but it is completely normal, you won’t get any breakout or allergies after using it since all the products are dermatologically tested. This is a detoxifying mask and can be used twice a week. Apply a thin layer using a face brush or your hand and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off with normal water; it comes off easily unlike cream based masks.

Verdict: Recommended for Oily-Combination skin if you are not sensitive to strong fragrances.

Lastly, all products are chemical free, vegan, dermatologically tested, artificial fragrance free, and prepared using the finest natural ingredients.

You can buy these amazing products from their Facebook or Instagram Page.

Do try them out and look flawless this Valentine 🙂

Disclaimer: The products were sent by Aroma Essentials for review purpose

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    • I enjoyed the aroma for like 2 minutes, admired the beauty of this product for the next 3 minutes and then went ahead with using it. Definitely a must have product, specially for someone with dry skin. It really hydrates well (y)


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