Recently I came across a fellow blogger’s post which had a mention about Initially I thought that it must be an online shopping platform for makeup products since they’ve sent a lot of cosmetics to that blogger. After having a conversation with one of the founders, I realized that it was a beauty community.


What is Glamrada?

Well, it is a unique peer to peer beauty platform where people who love makeup and skincare come together to their beauty intellect in the form of honest reviews without any bias. If you have tried and tested any product, you can share that experience on the website.


What does it do?

It aims to change the way people buy beauty products. It wants people to have a much better shopping experience when it comes to investing in cosmetics. They do this by providing reviews, DIYs, hacks, trends, tips, advice, tutorials, queries, etc. all at one place.


How does it work?

You need to signup on the website

Fill in your beauty profile (mandatory) and other details required (optional). This is how your account would look.


How is it different?

  • Every review is attached with the beauty profile of the reviewer, so it gets easy for people to relate to the review. It helps in making a better decision about investing in a particular product.
  • For every contribution that you make to the website, be it reviews, comments, discussions, referrals, whatever, you earn Glam points for it.
  • There are 4 expertise levels (Glambie, Glamfan, Glamace & Glamazon) for each reviewer to achieve, each having its own set of benefits. When you cross each milestone, you earn some perks, free samples (Read makeup) and better placement of your reviews. When you achieve the highest level of expertise, i.e., ‘Glamazon’, you get assured makeup products every six months and entry to exclusive giveaways.
  • You can post both text and video reviews, so there is no limitation on the format of content that you are uploading.
  • You also have the option to follow people to keep yourself updated about their activities.
  • You can search for a particular product and see all the reviews at one place unlike other platforms. Every product has multiple reviews so you can be sure of whether you need to buy it or not.
  • They are coming up ‘Trial Squad’, a new initiative wherein they would be sending in free makeup/skincare products to influencers registered with them. Checkout their website to know more about it.

Now you know where to head to, when you are confused about beauty products and trends.

Comment below for any queries or feedback 🙂

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  1. Went through Glamrada’s website. So many reviews…really helped me in making my decision what to buy and what to ignore.. Thanks for introducing this to me.


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