Travelling feeds the soul, boosts the mind and relaxes the senses. Don’t you agree? Well, I like travelling just like you. How carefully do we pack our bags, organize everything neatly in our suitcase or backpacks, but then on reaching the hotel, you realize that everything got messed up. The shampoo leaked, jewellery got entangled, makeup crashed and spilled and what not. I have few super easy travel hacks for you to sought out your next trip:

  • Don’t throw away the packaging of your mouth freshners. You can use the empty tic-tac boxes to keep your pins, clips, cover the toothbrush, etc.

  • Organize your jewellery in pill containers to save your time.
  • Tie a bright coloured ribbon to your baggage to identify it quickly amongst 100 other same suitcases.
  • A duct tape can fix anything that breaks down during your holiday.

    travel hacks

  • Protect glass bottles by stuffing them in a pair of socks for added safety.
  • Keep plastic grocery bags to separate dirty clothes from fresh ones, save your goods in case of a sudden downpour.
  • Use buttons to keep your earrings safe.

  • Place cotton swabs in your eyeshadow, highlighters, blushes or any other caked product to save it from getting smashed.
  • The hotel room curtains may sometimes not drape together causing light to come in the room. Use your hairclips or cloth pegs to clip them together and sleep peacefully.

Do try these hacks out on your next holiday to save time, effort and mess. Do let me know other awesome hacks if you are aware of. Happy travelling!


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