Never forget to Appreciate your Man for these things!

When the spark in relationship goes hay-wire, we tend to forget to thank our Man for all the wonderful gestures he has been doing silently. We notice his lack of words in speech, but fail to acknowledge his responsive actions. Appreciate the Man of your life for all these unattended efforts:

He doesnโ€™t judge you for having some extra pounds of weight, bad hair days, acne filled face or any other flaw.


When he tries his best not to piss you off during PMS and comforts you during mood swings.


Even before you could ask him to come to your rescue, he is there, always, round the corner.


A combo of BFF and BAE is rare, right?


He waits until you finish with your makeup, do your chores and other stuff, even though you would sound pissed off when he makes you wait for only 5 minutes.


He keeps your health on his priority list, though he is ignorant about his own.


He inspires you to be more successful than him.


Even after the ugliest of fights, he wants to get back.




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