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Team Snapstter

Priyanka Singh

Co-founder & Content Head

A corporate by profession, writer by heart. A makeup lover, photography admirer and vividly imaginative optimistic.

Akash Nelson

Co-Founder & Marketing Head

A Digital Marketer by profession, An amateur Photographer, Travel lover, Explorer, Creative & Out of Box Thinker.

Authors & Photographers 

Ravneet Kaur

Hi, fellow bookworms!

My name is Ravneet Kaur and it goes without saying that I love reading. I like to read both fiction and non-fiction. I am a commerce graduate from Delhi University and currently pursuing a fellowship called India Fellow in Chhatisgarh.When I am not reading, you can find me clicking pictures of the book that I am reading. I am a big time foodie. I dream of owning a book cafe somewhere in the mountains with a lake view.​

Jyotsna Singh

Ever tried looking at things differently? Yes? That must be a tough task. No? Attaboy, you smart ass.That’s the Catch.Every being is different and hence their naturally different perspective. Have a look at my posts here to find my kind of perspective. Cheers….

Praful Parashar

Freelancer.In pursuit of Perfection.Wanderlust.Aspire to Inspire before we Expire.