If you are someone who has to travel frequently, or have to attend parties just after office, or someone who does not like investing in a lot of makeup products and prefer something that is an all purpose thing, then the House of Glamdolls range from Freedom Makeup is for you. After giving it a thought, I purchased the Spirit Doll Palette which is more of an earthy kind of palette. There are other palettes in this range too- The Vintage Doll,The Exotica Doll, and the Fairy Doll.

Spirit Doll Palette

Freedom makeup has launched this range in collaboration with House of Glamdolls, a London based makeup school, and all the 4 theme based palettes are approved by David Thorne 😀

The Spirit Doll Palette is all about playing with earthy tones as well as shimmers. Now, this unique palette has 4 brow powders, 2 blushes, 4 lipsticks, 4 matte eyeshadows, 6 shimmer eyeshadows, 3 highlighters (2 shimmer & 1 matte). Isn’t it a complete palette?

Spirit Doll Palette

If you are a beginner at makeup, don’t worry, this palette comes with an instructions leaflet. You can create the perfect Spirit Doll look by following the steps on the leaflet.

Packaging: Sleek, black, and classic case with a big mirror inside. It also has a plastic sheet inside to separate the mirror and the product, each of the shade name is printed on the plastic sheet.

Spirit Doll Palette

Swatches of Eyebrow Powders

Spirit Doll Palette

Swatches of Lipsticks & Blushes

Spirit Doll Palette

Pigmentation: I have mixed views about it. The shades ‘Pure’ and “Serenity” hardly give any colour, using fingers instead of a brush might be helpful. The other matte shades are well pigmented. When using the shimmer shades, use a damp brush or your fingers to get more colour pay-off. The eyebrow powders are really good, with a shade that can match the majority of people. You can even mix them to get your perfect shade. The blush shades are natural and can be used daily. The lipsticks are sheer and only give a wash of colour. The shade ‘Aura’ can be used as a lipstick base since it does not have any colour. The pigmentation of highlighters is good and one swipe gives decent colour pay-off.

Verdict: If we take into consideration all the 4 palettes, the other ones are better than this in terms of colour pay-off and pigmentation, but you can work with this palette too leaving aside 2 shades which lack pigmentation. I personally like carrying this palette with me whenever I travel because it is good for both glam and neutral makeup. Considering the price range, this is a steal deal.

Price: Rs. 1400 in India/ 8 pounds in UK

Availability: I’ve only seen these at Nykaa. You can checkout the palette here.

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