Dear Diary,

I always wanted to talk to you but kept silent because I may sound a bit absurd, having loads of things inside, can’t blabber out everything. Of course, the matter holds so many things altogether. Don’t know, but I tried to tell numerous times, but efforts were invisible at the end 🙁

Still perplexed.

Still hiding.

Still trying.

I love talking to you <3

Girl's Diary

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Life is all about uncertainty, you meet people with different mindsets. Few out of them hit your head like you can’t get them off your mind. They seem to have occupied space in the mind, there is a string connecting both. Initially, you hardly know anything about each other but when you bare your soul to the other person, considering him your part. You eventually fall to the category of trust, love, expectations,and  dependence. And the day that person stabs you in the heart, you feel lost in a world of known people.


To be continued..


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