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Strungballs by Mike Russell | Book Review

My Rating- 4/5 stars Have you ever thought we are so conditioned to think in a certain way we don't bother questioning about things? Do you think we live in the prisons of our mind? Do you think we are so blinded by the society's...

Mice and Men|Book Review

Have you ever picked up a short story and thought,"Well, what could 100 pages entail?" You think it will be over as soon as it will begin. I thought that too. And, it turns out Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck was anything but just a...

Courting Injustice-The Nirbhaya Case & It’s Aftermath|Book Review

Courting Injustice by Rajesh Talwar is a book which entails the horrific gang rape case of Nirbhaya which took place in Delhi on the fateful night of 16 December. The book is divided into 10 chapters with each chapter dealing with a certain topic. Anger. Shame....