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Straight from a Girl’s Diary| Part II

Dear Diary, I always wanted to talk to you but kept silent because I may sound a bit absurd, having loads of things inside, can't blabber out everything. Of course, the matter holds so many things altogether. Don't know, but I tried to tell numerous...

Straight from a Girl’s Diary | Part-III | To the boy who broke my heart

Dear Diary, (To the boy who broke my heart) For a moment, I wanted to believe that it was all a lie, my imagination or just a nightmare, but 'Reality Check' it was true. It was midnight when his 'other' girlfriend called me up and asked...

Straight from a Girl’s Diary | Part I

Dear Diary, There is some guilt inside, a dark side which can't be shared because I can't rely on anyone. I preferred to share with the most trust worthy person. My mirror nodded saying that you are right, unlike others I won't let you down....