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Inexpensive travel hacks that you must know

Travelling feeds the soul, boosts the mind and relaxes the senses. Don't you agree? Well, I like travelling just like you. How carefully do we pack our bags, organize everything neatly in our suitcase or backpacks, but then on reaching the hotel, you realize...

6 lip hacks every woman should know!

Winters are coming and it's time to say goodbye to sweaty days. This cold season requires a  special skincare routine since the skin gets dry and flaky. What about lips? They need attention too. Here I present to you 6 lip hacks that would...

10 Brilliant uses of baby powder

uses of baby powder
We all love the light sweet fragrance of baby powders, don’t we? Its soft texture tempts us to use it anyway. Well, baby powders are not just for babies, you can use them too. Check out these new uses of baby powder and save...