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Turning 24?? Take out 5 minutes of your life to read this.

  I am a 24 year old young woman. I’ve not even seen half of the world, yet the only answer that I have for each question is, “Life is tough”. I’m pretty sure that this response is universal. We are a clan that is...

You’ll miss the Best things if you keep your eyes shut….!

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My life has been all about waiting, Waiting is what has defined every moment of my life. I have lots of questions that I want to ask, But there is no one to answer. I started my life in search of happiness, money, satisfaction, Love. But now I only...

8 Quotes you need to read right now


Being a Corporate

Deep slumber weighing the eyes down, Monotony overpowering the involvement, Boredom gazing at the lighted roof, Loneliness  stuck between the crowd, Vision blurred by the thick glass partition, Minutes turning into hours, Work drained out of speed, Freedom seems so far, Imagination is almost barred, Learning the dynamics of bureaucracy and losing the vibrancy...

The Trapped Soul

Trapped Soul
The thick clouds outside the window, And sunlight peeping through them, The peaceful solitude of soaring birds, Intervened by the flying planes. The chaos present this side of the window, The attractive calmness outside. The tall buildings reach to the sky, The vision inside trapped into the laptop screens. The cool breeze...