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A Letter to someone special whom I don’t wish to lose ever

Letter to someone special
Every relationship goes through phases, but that doesn't mean we should give up to temporary situations. People tend to fall apart even when they love each other. "This too shall pass". If you are falling short of words to express your feelings, I'm sure...

“An Animal eyes has the power to speak a great language”

Photo Credits:- Varshesh Joshi

All that I am, or Hope to be, I owe it to My Mother…..

Photo Credits :- Annie Spratt   Mother hold their children's hands for a while, But their Heart Forever.

Never forget to Appreciate your Man for these things!

When the spark in relationship goes hay-wire, we tend to forget to thank our Man for all the wonderful gestures he has been doing silently. We notice his lack of words in speech, but fail to acknowledge his responsive actions. Appreciate the Man of...

8 Quotes you need to read right now


By your side

The hollow silence of the room. The contrasting music vibes in each of the pairs. The heavy eyelids defying sleep, watching the presence but missing contact. Heads half turned, in the dilemma of the remaining movement. Some thorns piercing through as bad memories stopping the gulf to bridge...

A Lifelong Romance!

A deep breath, the head bending backwards, as you move your finger down the neck. My whole world rests in the diameter of your arms. The shivers subliming in your warmth. The blushes melting in your caresses. The smile spreading wide with your lips on my forehead. The storytellings in...

Dreaming with open eyes..

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, there was home. A place where serenity lied in your arms, A place where giggles transformed into laughter, A place where household chores were not a burden, A place where time flew away so fast, A place where smiles grew, A place with...

Geographies of My Heart

love poem
I was a silent wave, but u came like a tornado. The sour water of sea was suddenly culling with fresh spring water. It seems that i had been waiting for u since the beginning, just the tornado was initially silent.. It was developing deep down, setting...