Working in a MNC and being a part of the corporate culture is surely the aim of many, but it kind of gets boring and restrictive following the strict guidelines and code of conduct at such places. When you showcase yourself as a professional, you somewhere miss the notorious and ‘real’ you. Not to worry because I have a solution for you. I recently came across the ‘Bhasad Planner’ by Butterly Yours while watching Youtube.

Butterly Yours is a young company that supplies cool and personalized stationery to manage your stress (Read: Bhasad). The products reflect our personality without violating the rules of our white collared managers. You can checkout the website here for some cool stuff. I was sent the Bhasad Planner for review and I chose the colour ‘Pink’ for it.

Bhasad Planner

Price: Rs. 349

Availability: Amazon/Butterly Yours

Colours Available: Black, Green, Pink, Yellow

Packaging: It comes in a brown cardboard packaging which has some cool stuff printed on it. Also, the contact details for orders are mentioned down below at the left corner.

Bhasad Planner

Why should you buy this planner?

  • A customized planner in a colour of your choice with your name embossed on the cover.
  • The planner has 4 sections dealing with a particular type of emergency for your tasks but in a cool way. Refer the picture 😀

Bhasad Planner


  • The date section is blank, so you can use this even in the next year, or any day unlike other planners which have dates printed limiting the usage to a particular time period.
  • The other side of the page is blank, so you can jot down any extra points on the go.
  • Also, the page can be torn off easily, in case you can’t carry the full planner with you, your ‘Bhasad’ can still be managed.

Couldn’t find anything negative about the product.



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