The real irony of life..!

Independence! Too plain a word to flaunt, yet so non-existent to achieve.
The firm laurels of a person’s cerebrum excrete out the wisdom in those cells.
This is a world devoid of human intelligence, where education is a mere qualification.
A suffiency attitude towards self and a callous one towards the strange homo-sapiens.
Where people are deaf towards screams and lend an ear to gossips.
Where people keep digging out the secrets of others and are ignorant to the confessions of their own innocent children.
Forever is only a seven letter word.
A world where love fades sooner than denims, where green paper is the dictator.
Less of care and more of PDA, a bit of laughter and loads of cries,
less of passion and more of voyeurism.
Oh this Earth! Where the world lives and humanity stinks each day,
where people fear God rather love it.
And finally, where there is more of writing and less of actions!!

Priyanka Singh

A corporate by profession, a writer by heart. Makeup lover, photography admirer and vividly imaginative optimistic.

One thought on “The real irony of life..!

  • September 17, 2016 at 4:43 am

    Indeed true..


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