Who doesn’t love subscription boxes? They have been in trend from the last one year and every box has something different to offer. Recently, I received the Violet Box, which is a period pampering monthly subscription. This unboxing has been the most special one since I loved everything about the box, from its packaging to its contents, service quality, and most importantly, the initiative behind the box. The Violet team donates period essentials to the women in need for each box sold. Learn more about this amazing subscription here: Violet Box

Violet Box Review

Violet Box comes in 2 variants: The Violet Box (Rs. 749) & The Period Box (Rs. 849)

This month’s edition was a luxury curation by the bollywood designer Archana Kochhar & Savvy Magazine.


  • Roots & Herbs Skin polishing body scrub – 50gmViolet Box Review
  • Roots & Herbs Argan face cleanser – 50ml
  • Roots & Herbs Pomegranate moisturizer – 50ml
  • Bon Organics Wild rose shower gel – 30gm
  • Bon Organics Lavender & bergamot dry shampoo – 30gm​
  • Thalgo Clearing Corrector
  • Thalgo Nutri rich cream
  • Thalgo Nutri soothing cream
  • Thalgo Hydra marine cream
  • Christopher Cocoa : 55% Dark Assorted Chocolates – 40gm
  • Colombian Brew : Arabica Bean Instant Coffee – 8 servings

I’ve done a small comparison below, between the current trending monthly subscriptions, to help you make a better decision if you want to just go for one 🙂


  Violet Box Envybox Fab bag
What is it? More than a beauty box Beauty box Beauty bag
Packaging Classic black sturdy cardboard, same design every month Theme printed sturdy cardboard, different designs every month Small bag depicting the month’s theme
Cost of box/bag Rs. 749 & 849 Rs. 850 Rs. 599
Service time Box was delivered on the 3rd day of order Boxes shipped between 12th-14th of every month, box received within 2 days of shipment 1 week
Worth of products Rs. 3600 Rs. 2100 Rs. 1200
Product size 3 full size, 8 deluxe samples 5 full size 2 full size, 2 deluxe samples
What’s inside? High end beauty products and gourmet indulgences like chocolates, teas and coffee High-end skincare & makeup products Skincare & makeup products
Choice of products During checkout mention the customization you want and they take care of it No option to customize Can choose 1 makeup product from a given list


You should purchase it if:














Box curation

You want to indulge in high end beauty products and gourmet chocolates, teas and coffee





For every box purchased, Violet donates period essentials to needy women.


Curated by celebrities each month. This month’s edition by Archana Kochhar & Savvy Magazine

You would like to try high end products before investing in them















You want to try out subscriptions on a budget and like the designer bags that come along.














Note: The above comparison is for the December’s edition of the box/bag. Product sizes and box variants change each month.

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