Dear Diary,

(To the boy who broke my heart)

For a moment, I wanted to believe that it was all a lie, my imagination or just a nightmare, but ‘Reality Check’ it was true. It was midnight when his ‘other’ girlfriend called me up and asked not to call him up and screw his life. She thought that I was just some clingy friend, but I was in the biggest shock of my life. The guy I loved so dearly, the one who used to be so excited when we made plans for our future, the one who appeared to be so ‘perfect’ was cheating on me.

broke my heart

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I tried to collect my broken pieces and called him up. He had no answers to my questions, just one request, “Please don’t tell that girl about us, she would get hurt”. I had a 1000 questions in my mind, but I hung up the phone. My brain wasn’t working, I was not even crying, just experiencing a weird feeling which was unexplainable. I texted a close friend to tell her everything, all my flatmates sat beside me for the whole night to give me support and company, but honestly, nobody could take away the pain if my heart.

broke my heart

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I told my Mother each and everything the next day and took a train to my hometown. I wanted to run away from all the memories that I had with him, and a mother’s lap is what I needed. It’s almost 15 days now, since we parted, my ex had indirectly tried to drain me out emotionally through a friend, but he never denied cheating on me, that girl who called up was indeed his girlfriend. He says that the girl was after him and he wasn’t, but had he loved me so dearly, why did he give in to the temptation  of being with someone else. Anyway, the past is buried, I’m trying to move ahead in life. I want to get a bank job and make money, buy all that I want, trying hard not to remember those moments of togetherness again, trying to neither hate nor love the guy who broke my heart.

Disclaimer: Inspired from someone close to my heart.



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