Dear Diary,

Relationships, emotions, feelings die every second in this era we are living, people take seconds to say they can’t be together anymore. They aren’t bothered about the other one. Humans have become inconsiderate. Things go well only until they find it interesting. The day he loses interest, she also loses her world, her reason to smile. Heartache is painful, makes you feel heavy inside because you are helpless, can’t blame anyone. Heartaches usually end with either making you weak than ever or the strongest. Choice is yours.

girl's diary

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“Why can’t we peep inside someone’s soul to know our love for them is real or fake?”

I am stuck somewhere, I feel so heavy, as if I’m carrying a baggage of tensions and responsibilities but I am done now. Wish to return back to the real me. No, actually the happy me, but couldn’t search her. She’s lost, situations are perplexed. Everyday life makes you realize you are nothing but a puppet and your strings are tangled, waiting to get untangled.

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