Every 24 year old


I am a 24 year old young woman. I’ve not even seen half of the world, yet the only answer that I have for each question is, “Life is tough”. I’m pretty sure that this response is universal. We are a clan that is struggling to establish its existence, to discover its true identity, to achieve concrete results in our career, to accomplish our materialistic goals, own a classy house and drive a luxurious sedan, live a great social life, party hard, work harder, turn our names into brands and be on top of this world. Isn’t it?


Every 24 year old should


But is it fair to set up such a kind of ‘to-do’ list for ourselves at an age where we are still growing and learning about the facets of life. Yeah! You must be thinking that I got too inspired after watching “Dear Zindagi”. Yes, I did and I appreciate the writer behind the words of Dr. Jehangir Khan. This is what fascinates me about writing, the power to pen down complex feelings and situations in an easy and impactful way. Okay! Sorry for losing track.


I know how busy 24 year olds’ are, so I would state my points in bullets to be precise and save your precious time:

  • You can’t have an established career, the love of your life, a brand like reputation, a big house, a luxurious car, a world tour, a never-ending closet, a rocking social life, happy parents, etc. all at once, at the age of 24. If you do, consider yourself as a lucky exception. So, don’t screw your life and punish yourself for not achieving the above list. You would have what you want eventually. Do prioritize your goals and work on them one by one, things would soon fall into place and your life would be a less tough.


  • Remember, how you started accepting the bodily changes in your teenage? You need to do the same thing, just replace the physical changes with emotional ones. Start loving yourself, appreciate your originality, accept your negatives, and emphasize your positives. Unless you love your own self, nobody else would.


  • Don’t judge yourself on the basis of criteria’s set by others. You don’t exist to please others, or live life their way, so don’t try to mould yourself into something that the society deems as normal.


  • You are young, you make mistakes, you fall down and get up again. Never curse yourself for those wrong decisions that you have made and fall into the trap of depression and low confidence. You are still learning, you are bound to make mistakes, don’t let it ruin your mental peace.

    Every 24 year old

  • Respect yourself and walk away from anything that defies your dignity.


  • You would eventually find someone who makes you complete so don’t go nuts over still being single.


  • Hold on to your constants (friend, lover, pet, family, etc.), whomsoever you consider.

  • It’s not shameful to seek help from others.

I’ve not stated anything that you don’t know, our inner voice always tries to be a therapist to us but we ignore it. Now, take a deep breath, sit back, ease yourself and reduce the mental burdens that you have been carrying all these years. I know we all have just one life to live, but instead of running around trying to get everything, stop by and experience the present moment, at least you would have something.


Believe in yourself, you are unique, you are special, You are You. So headphones on, and “Say Hi to Zindagi”. Don’t let anyone snatch away the spark in your eyes.


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