photoMy life has been all about waiting,

Waiting is what has defined every moment of my life.

I have lots of questions that I want to ask,

But there is no one to answer.

I started my life in search of happiness, money, satisfaction, Love.

But now I only desire Peace.

I wish that I can just pack my bag and leave to a place unknown,

Leaving everyone behind,

But Promises and responsibilities are my shackles,

That keeps me chained to this pit of fire,

Burning me every day,

I scream, scream out loud,

But there is no one to hear.

Waiting is what defined me,

Waiting is what defines me,

Waiting is what I want to get rid of,

Anger is what I am filled with,

Peace is what I desire,

Hope is what keeps me alive,

Freedom is what I seek.


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